On the Topic of Happiness

Found not on the external journey, but on the internal journey. Through the memories of lies and deceit; of neglect and silence; of love and lost; of smiles and tears. Those that you remember, and those locked away affecting your psyche in ways you don’t care to believe.

But happiness comes from facing these, healing these, and embracing these. Becoming aware of your internal journey that has brought you this current moment; this current state of mental being.

To think that you can be happy because of external stimulation and not from within sets you up for brief moments of joy. Only to come crashing down for you to face your internal being. And if your internal being isn’t already happy you begin to rely on outward stimulation. The vicious cycle begins.

But everything you need is quite literally within, if you are brave enough to face it; to work through it; to embrace it; to love it.

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